GOLD + STandard = AuST

With a focus on novel technologies and a commitment to solving clinical needs, AuST Group is driven to excellence in the design, development, and manufacturing of innovative medical devices.

About Us

 Who is AuST Group? 

AuST Group provides two primary services:  R&D and Manufacturing

AuST Manufacturing produces sub-assemblies and components.  Our sister company, CenterPoint Systems, manufactures completed finished devices.

Deep experience in many clinical areas, with specialization in cardiovascular catheters and minimally invasive devices 

Design & Development

​AuST Group is your partner in discovering innovative solutions to clinical needs.  Work with our team of engineers, regulatory support, and manufacturing experts through every step of the process from concept to commercialization. 

Manufacturing Solutions

We are driven to provide manufacturing excellence. With specialties from sub-assemblies to finished medical devices, AuST Group is the solution to your manufacturing needs. 

The Medical Device Gold Standard 

Your Solution for Design, Development, and Manufacturing